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by mlqeg

We build software
solutions for businesses.

No matter how complex, we have the skills
and experience to deliver on schedule.


We turn your ideas
into working solutions.

We bring the breadth of our experience and
technical knowledge to help you succeed.


Our engineers deliver
breakthrough value.

We inspire clients to make their most challenging
business decisions with confidence.

about us

We specialize in bespoke software for businesses of all sizes. Our experience in building mission critical systems give us an edge over the competition.


Bespoke software solutions for businesses

Our services comprise of custom software solutions, mobile app development, software & API integrations and website design and development.


We have worked on some amazing software projects over the years. By applying professionalism to everything we do, you are assured of the best results.


Let's deliver the right solution for your business.

Key Benefits

We help companies of varying sizes by building bespoke software solutions that provide solutions to their challenges. From mobile solutions such as mobile apps, SMS, USSD & Voice applications to full blown enterprise systems, Syntelpro has the expertise to provide the needed results.

  • We accord clients the utmost attention to ensure problems are solved
  • Our expert team evaluates the needs of each customer and their project
  • Projects are completed within a strict time fashion to prevent delays
  • We listen to customer feedback and direction throughout development
  • We provide support & updates to ensure optimal performance all the time

Frequently asked Questions

Our ability to learn the fundamentals of virtually any industry allows us to work with varying businesses. We’ve done projects with companies in manufacturing, transport and service industries as well as government organisations.

Project completion timelines vary. Factors such as type of business, nature of problem and urgency levels all determine the speed at which a project is completed. We however ensure that, all things being equal, we keep to  the agreed timelines.

Typically, we kick start projects by listening to the problem statement. The next step involves discussions with the client to draw up a requirements document for approval. Once requirements are accepted, the project begins. It’s that simple!

We use complex technologies and innovative tools that provide simple solutions to problems faced by businesses.

We hold discussions to ascertain the problems or challenges to be tackled. At this stage, we determine the shape of the project, what it entails and the development timelines.


We blend deep understanding of software technologies with customer insights and feedback. The end result is software that meets the demands of our clients.


Continuous support and maintenance is key to every system. This is why we stick around after launch to ensure nothing goes wrong three or four months down the line.