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Simple solutions to complex problems

A peek into some projects we have undertaken

Simple solutions to complex problems

A peek into some projects we have undertaken

by mlqeg
We have undertaken a number of projects over the years. Below is a brief introduction to some of the projects we have been involved in.

Bespoke Software: Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources, Sierra Leone

This project, funded by the World Bank, was executed by Seray Consulting & Associates in partnership with Syntelpro Ltd.

The main purpose of the assignment was to establish a monitoring and evaluation system for effective and efficient tracking of outputs and outcomes for providing legal/regulatory frameworks for mineral and oil/gas sectors as well as technical assistance and capacity building to the National
Minerals Agency (NMA), the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources (MMMR), Strategy and Policy Unit, the Petroleum Resources Unit, and the Environmental Protection Agency. To achieve the design and operationalization of the M & E system, we pursued the following specific objectives:

  • Conceptualized and established the basis in designing M & E framework suitable for tracking the results and outcomes of EITAP
  • Identified a set of output and outcome indicators to monitor the implementation of EITAP
  • Identified data sources and instituted a system for data capture on EITAP implementation outputs and outcomes necessary to provide indicator values (achieved targets) to populate the M & E database
  • Designed and launched a web-based application/platform within the M & E framework in consonant with data capture, storage, retrieval and dissemination of EITAP implementation results and analysis
  • Established an M & E organization which is mainstream into the Project Management Unit of the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources (MMMR).

Web Software Solution: Sparrow Station, Ghana

The film company wanted a way to distribute their content online to viewers across the world via the internet with reduced latency.

After the requisite discussions, Sparrow Station was designed and built. We built an online video on demand service engineered to give audiences around the world access to enjoyable quality produced African stories on a pay as you go basis. Click here to view app

Bespoke Software: Ministry of Local Gov’t and Rural Dev’t, Ghana

The Government of Ghana launched the National Urban Policy of Ghana in 2012 in a bid to guide implementation of varied activities geared towards improving urban governance and development in cities and towns.

This project was executed by Urban Associates in collaboration with Syntelpro. For effective management of data and data security, we built a web-based solution that allowed for various levels of security and user authentication.

The system was designed to process the requisite information and also ensure the core requirements were met without stretching the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development management’s capacity and is customised and quickly adapted to the institutional capacity development levels of the ministry.

Bespoke Software & API Integration: Faith Montessori School, Ghana

Faith Montessori School, a leading junior level education center in Ghana, required a way to accept payments online to enable its broad range of students make payments of varying types.

They came to us with this problem and we provided a solution that has kept them smiling till date. Naturally, our service didn’t stop there as we continue to support the school on all ICT related infrastructure.

Website Design & Dev’t: Yvonne Okoro, Ghana

We provided an online identity for arguably one of Ghana’s finest actresses. The idea was to mirror her persona and bring to the fore the flamboyance of Yvonne Okoro. Click here to view website.

Website Design & Dev’t: Kenzo’s Place, Ghana

Kenzo’s Place is dedicated to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride and company Spirit.

With this in mind, we delivered a website that matches their identity. Besides their web presence, we also provided them a solution for the general running of their business on a day to day basis. Click here to view website.